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Blazin Saddles Bike Shop

Casey Meudt

Ride:  Cache Mountain- amazing views!
Ride Fuel:  A variety of energy bars
Uphill or Downhill:  Uphill
Local Lunch Spot:  Depot Cafe, out on the patio with a beer!
Describe Yourself:  Passionate, loyal, fun


Jacquie Zanck

Road Ride:  Aufterheide Scenic Bikeway
Mtn. Ride: Mckenzie River Trail
Ride Fuel:  Honey Stinger Waffle, PBJ or a baked potato on long rides.
Uphill or Downhill:  Uphill
Quote:  Live to Ride – Ride to Live!

Service Manager

Erik Santer

Ride:  Waldo Lake
Ride Fuel:  Anything Honey Stinger makes.
Uphill or Downhill:  A helping of both… please!!
Local Lunch Spot:  Martolli’s Pizza
Describe Yourself:  Loyal, independent, smart-a**

Shop Technician

Parley Ford

Ride: Funner
Ride Fuel:  Honey Stinger
Uphill or Downhill:  DOWNHILL!!
Local Lunch Spot:  Three Creeks Brewing Co.
Describe Yourself:  Wild, Crazy, Free

Shop Technician

Tom Lyons

Ride: Crawfish Trail
Ride Fuel:  Breakfast Burrito
Local Lunch Spot:  Burritos from the Mexican Spot in the gas station across the street.
Describe Yourself:  Loyal, Focused and Strong

Liv Ambasador

Brittany Simonis

Shop Technician

Dyut Fetrow

Ride Fuel:  
Uphill or Downhill:  
Local Lunch Spot:  
Describe Yourself:  

Shop Security